Why Sellers Can’t Stop Talking on Video Sales Calls

I used to be on a training name with a salesman this morning. Below is the pitch transcribed simply because it was delivered to me. Can you see the issue?

Salesperson: “I understand that you currently have a very manual order process with a lot of errors and your reps are spending too much of their time fixing them to adequately reflect customer’s needs so what we’re going to show you today is how our solution can improve your order accuracy by as much as 90% and save you over $200,000 a year and improve customer satisfaction as well…”


A plethora of concepts on this monologue (I counted eight!), however barely a comma to be heard. Much much less a interval!

While the flexibility to speak with out taking a breath for this lengthy is spectacular, one of these verbal assault isn’t an incredible expertise on your buyer. They both tune out or take little or no away from the decision. Unfortunately this development is rampant amongst sellers, particularly those that have transitioned from face to-face conferences to video calls.

Video calls have develop into a digital punctuation-free zone: one thought, proceeded by one other, strung along with an occasional comma or transition phrase, like: so, and, however, whereas, or then.

Why can’t sellers cease speaking on video gross sales calls?

Here’s what they inform me:

  • “Customers are not engaging with me on video.” True. People are far more passive on digital calls and fewer more likely to interact. But when sellers fill in these areas usually crammed by the client with their very own phrases, it merely reinforces the client’s passivity.
  • “I can’t see my customer’s reactions.” Often instances clients don’t have their video on or it’s troublesome to see them when making an attempt to make eye contact. But speeding via your pitch implies you’re assuming their response is unfavorable, when which will very effectively not be the case.
  • “My customer looks bored.” It’s straightforward to mistake that clean video face that most individuals put on on video calls as boredom or disinterest. But once more, this assumption is usually incorrect (Have you ever watched your individual listening face – even when it’s one thing you’re fascinated with?) And, this assumption can shortly flip right into a self-fulfilling prophecy as clients will tune out when you don’t invite them in.

So, what’s the answer?

Speak with Punctuation

The goal of punctuation is to make the content material clear to the reader or listener. While punctuation is usually barely totally different for spoken content material, it nonetheless must be included (both consciously or subconsciously) to make sure comprehension, preserve consideration, and permit for suggestions. Here are a couple of methods to talk with punctuation:

  1. Verbal intervals: When you’re completed with one thought, visualize a interval on the finish of it and pause for a couple of seconds earlier than persevering with. This permits the affect of what you mentioned stick earlier than you progress on to the following thought. It additionally provides your buyer an opportunity to both a) reply verbally, or b) reply internally. Both are necessary. And right here’s a bonus: Your prospect may very well inform you one thing you wouldn’t have in any other case came upon when you’d simply stored speaking!
  2. Verbal commas. Delivering a lot of concepts in a listing? Taking a really brief pause between every and utilizing your voice to distinguish between them will assist your viewers course of and retain what you’re saying.
  3. Verbal Question Marks: Too many questions go unanswered just because they don’t sound like questions. By mentally placing a query mark on the finish of your sentence you must finish on an uptick – which signifies you anticipate a solution.

Stop speaking continuous on video gross sales calls. By including some punctuation you’ll make these key factors actually pop, give your buyer an opportunity to course of or reply, and hold them engaged. Despite the clean video face!

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