Want something that shows my system’s graphics capability

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oh sorry! Just check the hardware requirements for the games you are interested in for playing. This will tell you what you need for minimum or recommended hardware.


However….. a RTX 3070 will do everything either very good or very exceptionally! well at 1080p and 1440p and does good or OK at 4K. You will have no problems selecting any game and will enjoy them.


As for performance it varies or depends .. about games is the game setting – low, so-so, high and ultra in the games themselves; ray tracing enabled (or not used is another option) makes the games look better but does slow it down, DLSS can be enabled to help with getting smoother or faster games, enabling ReBAR in the BIOS improves almost every game, and a lot more. So it depends.


Try Welcome to Steam (steampowered.com) for free games or low priced games. Or this: The best Steam alternatives for PC gamers | TechRadar or this for something like a flight game:  The Best Free Flight Simulators (lifewire.com)

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