Use this narrative formula to tell your video story

Use this narrative formula to tell your video story

Kurt Vonnegut famously diagrammed the “shapes” of the what he recognized because the mere handful of plots that underlie all tales. But the plot of a story — boy-meets-girl, man-gets-out-of-hole, no matter — will not be what holds your consideration. What retains you going is the narrative, the tense, fascinating moments come at you one-by-one.  So, how do you form narrative in a video story?

A-B-T = And-But-Therefore

Randy Olson makes an excellent case for the three-point formula he calls “A-B-T (And-But-Therefore). Olson, a marine biologist, developed his concepts to assist scientists clarify their analysis to a broader viewers. Olson maintains that each story might be boiled down to this A-B-T construction. The story begins with a scenario — “it’s this that, and the opposite.”  Then there’s rigidity — “however there’s an issue.”   “Therefore,  the answer should be ____,” and that’s our story.”

The key to the entire thing is the strain that drives the narrative, which is signaled by the phrase however. The scientifically inclined Olson posits a narrative index — the variety of occasions however happens within the story, divided by the occurrences of and. The larger the however/and ratio, the extra rigidity, the stronger the narrative.

Olson has calculated the narrative index of quite a few texts, together with in political debates going again Lincoln-Douglas. Among the shocking findings: Donald Trump has used the phrase “but” greater than any politician in historical past in debates — “narrative index” of his “story” may be very excessive, although, as a storyteller, he’s no Reagan. “Reagan . . . knew how to present stories with all their warmth, humor and emotion. His stories were always about problems. Trump doesn’t give much of a crap about the warmth, humor or emotion. He’s mostly just about problem-solution, over and over again, all day long.” Seems to work.

Implications for a expertise answer video story

Technology answer movies usually strive to tell viewers why the answer would possibly matter to them. The typical video begins by describing a couple of typical issues firstly, then goes on to current options that handle these issues. Olson’s A-B-T methodology means that the video could possibly be made extra participating by iterating over problem-solution loops, as a substitute. “X is inexpensive and it can be effective, but it risks Y, therefore our solution does Z.” It’s a easy, however endlessly versatile, formula. We plan to give it a strive.

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