Thought You Gamers Would Like This Newsletter Link By MS.

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Greetings BP Gaming Community:

I’m not a Gamer. But, I do use fast PC’s with my work in Music Digital Studio Recording for DAW in Windows, etc. Lately, I’m planning on upgrading to a faster Custom-Desktop for this and decided to spend some time hanging out with PC Gamers up here. Although guys like you and me need faster PC’s for two different reasons, it makes sense to see HOW Gamers build their own Platforms and what spec requirements they demand.

That’s how I met Pkshadow and OldsOd up here recently. They’ve been very helpful in arming me with study links about this in my Win10 Post about “Building New Computers”  In one of them, I came across this MS Newsletter Link that focuses heavily on current Gaming trends (and other cool Win10-11 Article stuff). The site/newsletter is called: Windows Central. No doubt many of you may already know about this site and have already signed up for their free inbox newsletters.

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