The Secret to Selling with Body Language

October 18, 2017

Back on the ancestral Serengeti (okay, actually, earlier than the early 2000s) salespeople had to hunt and collect for his or her gross sales.

That is, they’d to do it in-person. They’d knock on doorways, interrupt strangers’ meals, commerce enterprise playing cards, and make on the spot, likable impressions or go hungry for the day. This savage jungle pressured them to excellent profitable smiles, assured physique posture, and assertive stares. They knew how to promote by physique language.

The actual proportion of communication that physique posture accounts for is up for debate. What isn’t up for debate is that it’s extremely necessary for displaying belief. Sales are received or misplaced at a look and when a whole era of inside sellers who’ve by no means identified what it’s like to promote eye-to-eye at the moment are utilizing video, they’re terrified.

Or not less than, they look terrified, based mostly on their physique language. Or are they bored? Or nervous? Actually, we are able to’t actually inform.


If you could possibly use some assist closing offers, it’s time to begin controlling what you say with your physique.

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Sellers, listed here are the three massive nonverbal cues to right when promoting with video:

1. Open your defensive, closed physique posture

When we really feel threatened or uncomfortable, we clench up. According to Joe Navarro, a 25 yr veteran of the FBI writing in Psychology Today, “Arm crossing helps us to deal with anxiousness or psychological distress.”

Throughout his profession, Navarro has picked up on a sample: folks below duress cowl their very important areas—corresponding to their chest or their neck—as in the event that they’re going to be bodily attacked. This is dangerous for salespeople as a result of the overwhelming majority of individuals, together with their prospects, can learn these indicators, if solely subconsciously. And, they’re contagious.

Prospects will robotically mirror a salesman’s discomfort. Closed physique posture provides them the sign that there’s one thing to fear about and so they’ll fell in poor health relaxed and far more resistant to persuasion. The repair, fortunately, is sort of easy.

To right your defensive physique posture:

  • Sit up straight. Align your backbone and roll your shoulders again.
  • Lift your chin.
  • Breathe deeply.
  • Uncross your arms. Lay them in your legs with your palms face-up such as you’re meditating. (This is the final word assured act: You’re exposing your susceptible underarms.)

Opening your posture will even alter your psychological state. According to Fast Company, altering your posture, say, from a hunch to an influence pose, can lower your cortisol (stress) ranges. When you act calm, you look calm, and also you immediate your prospects to calm down as effectively.

2. Stop the evasive eye actions

Eye contact is immediately correlated to confidence and a number of different optimistic qualities. According to Carol Kinsey Goman, creator of The Nonverbal Advantage, folks will decide “the closeness of your relationships by the amount of eye contact you display: the greater the eye contact, the closer the relationship.” And in accordance to AJ Harbinger, creator of The Art of Charm, eye contact could make your phrases extra memorable, can enhance attraction, and is commonly interpreted as an indication of trustworthiness. And but in video after video, salespeople look away.

To construct rapport, keep eye contact for 70 to 80 p.c of the time.” – Yesware

To cease what seems to be “evasive” eye actions, prepare your self to take a look at the display screen. Nevermind that you just aren’t really trying into somebody’s eyes. To viewers, the impact is as actual as when you had been sitting there in individual.

To make higher eye contact:

  • Memorize your script so that you aren’t taking a look at a immediate.
  • Put a sticky notice below your digicam that claims, “look here!”

three. Stop it with the faux smiles  

Almost everybody can spot faux smiles. That’s as a result of, in accordance to Paul Ekman, Ph.D., and creator of Telling Lies, of the 26 or so muscle tissues concerned within the smile, just some may be managed voluntarily. When we smile genuinely, the entire flight of muscle tissues is activated, leading to a full-face smile. When we’re faking a smile, it’s solely these muscle tissues immediately below our management which might be activated as pictured under.


Can you notice the distinction? For most individuals, you possibly can see it within the eyes and within the cheeks. For those that faux smile to prospects by way of video, you’re sending the message that you just aren’t being sincere. And if that’s the case, what else aren’t you being sincere about?

Luckily, the reply to the faux smile can be easy: begin smiling for actual.

How to give a real smile on-command:

  • Look at one thing that makes you chuckle proper earlier than your video.
  • Watch your self making an attempt on completely different smiles within the mirror.
  • Visualize issues that actually make you smile.

Practice smiling with different salespeople. Often, simply the information that you just’re giving off a phony smile leads to dramatic enhancements.

The subsequent time you report a gross sales video, ask your self: what am I speaking with my physique language? If you possibly can open your posture, preserve eye contact, and provides off a extra radiant, real smile, then you definately’re effectively in your method to constructing belief with your prospects. Trust issues—as Ekman put it in Telling Lies, “No important relationship survives if trust is totally lost.” And neither do offers.

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Chris Gillespie

Chris Gillespie

Chris Gillespie is the author and founder behind Find A Way Media which helps nice companies create killer advertising content material. Based in Brooklyn, Chris spent years promoting SaaS expertise options and now helps these corporations craft their content material advertising methods.

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