The beginning and the end of Iranian revolution. –

1978 was very unusual 12 months in Iran, individuals instantly modified and most of them turn out to be very political in assist of Khomeini even my father who all his life was a Social Democrat and supported parliamentary democracy, additionally a 12 months earlier informed me that he was not spiritual has modified in assist of Khomeini, nevertheless a 12 months later when Khomeini got here again to Iran my father understood that he had performed a giant mistake however by then it was too late.

My father like many others assist for revolution was strategic as he believed if all oppositions have been united, the Shah could be compelled to barter with them and enable political freedom and free all political prisoner. In his thoughts when Shapour Bakhtiar turn out to be prime minister in Iran the revolution has gained and achieved its goal as Bakhtiar freed all political prisoner and closed the SAVAK[1] and have been going to name for brand spanking new election to permit all political events to take part in parliament. Unfortunately, Bakhtiar authorities didn’t final lengthy as all of them misjudged Khomeini intention and plans.

After Bakhtiar authorities failed, it created a chaos in the nation and some prisons services that might not handle opened their doorways and freed all the criminals, and police and navy who have been mainly paralyzed as a consequence of lack of management and administration couldn’t management the nation and as most navy base was unmanaged these criminals simply turn out to be armed and began looting the cities and referred to as themselves Hezbollah.

Khomeini who was fairly common with mob and had the assist of most Islamic clergies didn’t have a lot assist inside the political elite and didn’t have many in his group who had authorities expertise who may take over the authorities so he turned to Mehdi Bazargan who was an Iranian scholar, tutorial and lengthy-time professional-democracy activist to construct the authorities with a view to management the nation. But as Bazargan placing his cupboard collectively principally from secular politicians Khomeini and the clergies round him felt that they’re changing into marginalized and began extra and extra relaying on this new group of Hezbollah as supply of energy and Hezbollah who wanted the clergies to legitimize themselves as new actor in Iranian energy construction, began to have a detailed relationship. Later, as Bazargan resigned his place as prime minister in November 1979, in protest at the US Embassy takeover and as an acknowledgement of his authorities’s failure in stopping it, Khomeini and clergies used Hezbollah to terrorize all different political teams to take management of the authorities and it was when Iranian revolution for my part failed and ended, a revolution that was began with love for democracy and social justice turned to a corrupt theocracy which is right this moment. Iran-Iraq warfare was most likely the remaining nail in the revolution coffin as revolution misplaced many of its true believer in that warfare. As these good males defending the revolution and the nation in the entrance line these corrupt parts stayed put and capitalized of warfare and expanded their community in Iran and made certain that the warfare is not going to end quickly.

However, I left Iran in 1987 as anti-warfare and professional-democracy motion was below excessive strain and many was executed or prisoned, and my household feared my security and satisfied me that was finest for me as they might not see any enchancment in Iran’s close to future. But trying again as many Islamic Scholar imagine this political Islam has performed the most injury to the picture of Islam and its non secular place in society and after 40 years evidently the corruption step-by-step has contaminated each authorities organisation in each degree and regardless of varies try to remove it the nation has not been in a position to cease this corrupt community.


[1] Shah’s Secret Police

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