Should I be concerned by my low CPU usage?

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I recently got an MSI GE76 Raider laptop, and it runs every game perfectly, and at low temps, but in every game I use almost no CPU, or so it says. I never exceed 10% CPU usage in any game, but I’ve read that Windows 11 has a bug where Temps can display incorrectly, so I’m wondering if it could be that. I don’t care about tracking my CPU usage so it’s not a big deal, I’m really just asking, if those usage rates are in fact accurate, should I be concerned by it for some reason, despite the good temps and performance in game? It should be noted that I’m running the laptop in discrete graphics mode (meaning I disabled the intel UHD graphics that are built in, and only use the main GPU, which I did because the laptop runs noticeably better this way, but still keeps temps sub 40 C), my GPU usage sits around 90-100% in most games, and the full specs for the laptop are in the attached png.

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