Red Dead Redemption 2 (Bug Refresh Rate/hertz)

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Checked for overheating? High temps will throttle either the CPU or GPU or both. 

How many fans and what size in the case and is there any airflow in this case – it’s probably bad for for airflow anyways. ACER Nitro 5 what – later model or newer and exactly which model?


Game settings you are using? Ray tracing enabled or disabled? DX 9 or 11 or 12 or Vulkan? Tried different DX besides the game default?

Don’t use ray tracing!

Desktop monitor specs? Model and brand please!

Change display refresh rate in Windows… How to Optimize Windows for PC Gaming | PCMag


TBH I can build a desktop in basically a few hours but spend days installing the OS, setting up the Windows OS, install the drivers and programs and games, testing it out properly, properly setting up the fans in the BIOS and the water pump speeds to get the best temps and quietness, tweaking a few things here and there and then finally actually enjoy the desktop.


Run the Heaven benchmark from UNIGINE and it will check the GPU….Heaven benchmark | UNIGINE Benchmarks and check on line for the comparisons 


Run the CPU-Z and it will do a bench test of the CPU ( open it, select the Bench tab,  select any from the drop down under the bottom “Reference”, then select “Bench CPU”, then “Validate”, select “Submit”, then check your Single Thread and Multi-Core comparisons in the area in the right of the newly opened browser ) and see if it compares to your CPU.


OOPs…. forgot the download link for CPU-Z here:  CPU-Z | Softwares | CPUID


Both are free and handy to use. Save the newly created browser link from CPU-Z and post it please!


ADDED. … save the Heaven benchmark results for later comparisons BUT use the same setting for the later comparisons!

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