Non-Artist’s Guide to Storyboarding Marketing Videos

April 17, 2017

We’ve all been there earlier than.

You’ve acquired an important concept.  This lead gen video goes to be the subsequent Dropbox success story.

You discuss to your video staff.  You write the script.  Everyone is worked up.  You shoot the video.  World-domination, an IPO and/or a promotion are mere frames away.  You launch the video.  That add click on has by no means felt so good.

Then the crickets begin.  And once you watch the video you understand… that is nothing like what I had in thoughts!!”

What offers?

Shoulda made a storyboard.

Some individuals suppose a storyboard has acquired to be a Pixar-level murals in and of itself.  Or that you just’ve acquired to have the opportunity to draw or be artistic to make storyboard.  That couldn’t be farther from the reality.

Here’s a easy course of we use to make storyboards so there’s much less of an opportunity of botching manufacturing.

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It’s Got To Start As An Outline

Storyboards (sadly) aren’t magic.  If you don’t know what you’re going to say, there’s no saving it.

There are just a few frequent outlines you need to use to get began.  Here are two each video marketer ought to have of their device belt:

1. Hero’s Journey

Here’s a hyperlink to a free Google Doc template that spells this out.

Stories from Star Wars to Dropbox’s legendary explainer have harnessed this framework to make high-growth movies.

It goes like this:

  1. Meet the Hero, Bob.
  2. Bob has acquired an issue.
  3. He tried this, that, and the opposite factor they usually didn’t work.
  4. Then he discovered the answer which works like this __________.
  5. Bob acquired this candy, positively emotional pay-off + name to motion.

2. Problem, Agitate, Solve

Check out this hyperlink for the Google Doc template

Cheesy infomercials have made BILLIONS with this framework.

The concept is when there’s a urgent downside you don’t need to let up on the ache, however preserve urgent ahead so it’s clear how a lot they want your answer.

Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Do you could have this downside?
  2. Here are the issues making your downside worse.
  3. This answer focuses explicitly in your massive downside.
  4. Customer testimonials or proof.
  5. Benefit recap and name to motion.

Choose Your Software

My software program of selection is Google Presentation.  One as a result of it’s free, however two as a result of it’s acquainted and has virtually zero roadblocks to getting began.

If you’ve acquired some paper, a mobile phone digicam/scanner and a Google account you’re prepared to go.


Here’s a useful, free slide template you need to use. Or if you happen to like to do the pencil-to-paper methodology, listed here are just a few printable phrase docs.

If you’re trying to get a bit extra fancy you possibly can check out StoryboardThat.

Highlight Your Critical Frames

Inside a two minute video you might not have a ton of scenes, however there’ll all the time be just a few important frames.

Every advertising storyboard ought to have frames for:

  1. Opener
  2. Problem Statement
  3. How the Solution works ← Often probably the most important to storyboard.
  4. Call to motion ← This is a detailed second by way of storyboard want.

Frame 1 – The Opener

The important aim within the first body is to create a way of thriller.  If you’re engaged on a lead gen video, that is doubly essential since a customer is generally buying and selling their contact information to scratch the itch of their curiosity.

Frame 2 – Problem Statement

This is the body that ought to get your viewer’s head nodding (or qualify out those who shouldn’t be watching anyway).  If you could have any darkish or miserable frames, that is the place they’ll go.

Frame three – How Your Solution Works

My favourite body of all.  This is the place your advertising chops come into play.  You can shave main day off an evidence with a well-thought-out answer body.  Binge watch the reason part of some late night time infomercials to see this one completed exceptionally nicely.

Frame four – Call-To-Action (CTA)

Without this you would possibly as nicely go residence.  This isnitty-grittytty body, with crucial issue being readability.  Is your URL straightforward to learn?  Did viewers see the place to click on?  Does your information keep on display screen lengthy sufficient?

One essential be aware: some frames are essential to script nicely however don’t actually need their very own storyboard.  For instance, profit statements are important to a script, however so long as your wording is true, your imagery will not be as important.

Doodle Your Frames

Nearly each video I make begins as a doodle.  Ironically, I can’t draw nevertheless it doesn’t take difficult photos to get the thought throughout.  My go-to photos?  Stick figures for individuals, and labeled rectangles for objects.

Some of the keys you’re going for are:

  • Positioning.  Show the artist or videographer how the scene wants to be setup.
  • Timing.  Get throughout how the audio goes to be timed towards the visible.
  • Transitions.  How a lot information is an excessive amount of in your scenes?  When do you have to lower?  Pay consideration to how your scenes are flowing into one another or if it looks like they’re not altering for a protracted time period.

Do A Dry Run

The important worth of storyboards is having the ability to run via your script and really feel how your video goes to go BEFORE you’ve spent the money and time on manufacturing.

So hearth up your script, pull out your key frames and do a dry run.  This is the step the place the heaviest tweaking and revisions will are available and by doing it on the storyboard stage you’ll be saving your self money and time.

John Lasseter, Pixar’s Chief Creative Officer places it nicely.

“I will never let something go into production unless it is working fantastic in that version with the still drawings. Because no matter all the great animation you can do will never save a bad story. We will work and rework and rework and rework these reels — sometimes thirty times before we let it go into production.”

Go Forth And Storyboard!

While it looks as if a bit of extra work upfront, dropping in a storyboard step can save main time in manufacturing.  

If you could have any ideas of your personal, please share them beneath!

A Visual Storyboarding Template

Lance talks fairly a bit about utilizing visible aids in your storyboarding, and we couldn’t agree extra. So we determined to make our personal inner storyboarding template obtainable for everybody.

The first web page is a fast educational information on how to lay out your photographs, and what to use all these fancy little bins for:

Vidyard Storyboarding Guide Page 1

Page two is the essential one although, as you possibly can print as many copies of this clean storyboarding template as you want to lay out all your photographs!

Vidyard Storyboarding Guide Page 2

Storyboard Template - CoverThis easy however highly effective device is extremely essential, whether or not you might be filming your personal movies in-house, or working with an company in your creatives. Storyboarding every scene in your video permits you to ‘see’ the photographs earlier than you begin organising, and saves time and confusion once you’re prepared to movie. Even a easy, stick-figure storyboard goes a good distance to making higher video. Download the template and get began!

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Lance Johnson

Lance is a cofounder of Whiteboard Geeks, a video manufacturing company. His important activity is to preserve the lights on so the artists could be, nicely… inventive. Unfortunately he can’t draw (therefore why he focuses on math a lot), however he loves to give you nice, new video concepts.

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