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Why Market Targeting? Before partaking in advertising campaigns and promotions, companies have to resolve who they want to intention their merchandise at. This includes analysing and splitting, segmenting the market into totally different sectors. The only option to section the market, will depend upon the product and the enterprise producing the product. After segmentation, corporations can undertake one in all three methods to focus on prospects.

Option 1: Undifferentiated Marketing

Undifferentiated advertising is advertising that doesn’t goal, a specific section of the market. Instead the agency adopts one advertising technique and hopes that it’s going to enchantment to as many individuals as attainable. Sometimes known as mass advertising, undifferentiated advertising, normally includes focusing on the entire market with one product. Coca Cola’s unique advertising technique was primarily based on this format once they provided one product, which they believed had common enchantment. However, now that Coca Cola has launched different merchandise, it has modified its advertising technique to differentiated advertising. An undifferentiated advertising technique, may be cheaper than the opposite methods as a result of there is just one product to supply, distribute, and market. It will also be cheaper as a result of the agency shouldn’t be focusing on a number of market segments. The drawback is the problem concerned in producing a product (and advertising marketing campaign) which is universally interesting sufficient to make it worthwhile.

Option 2: Differentiated Marketing

If a agency decides to focus on a number of segments of the market, it’s partaking in a differentiated advertising technique. Under a differentiated advertising technique, a agency will develop services and products with separate advertising combine methods for every of the segments chosen, by the agency. An airline firm providing first (section 1), enterprise (section 2) and economic system class tickets (segment3), with separate advertising programmes to draw prospects for every of the ticket varieties, is an instance of differentiated advertising technique.

Option three: Concentrated Marketing

Concentrated advertising happens when a enterprise concentrates its advertising effort on one section of the market. The agency will develop a product that caters for the wants of that specific group. For instance, Rolls Royce automobiles, and the Harrods Group, goal the premium section of the market. Concentrated advertising can have decrease prices than the opposite two choices. It is usually a good choice for small or new companies. The drawback is that it reduces the variety of prospects, that the agency is focusing on. It additionally implies that the agency must make certain that they’ve chosen the proper section of the market.


There are three focusing on methods that can be utilized by corporations when aiming their services and products at market segments. Undifferentiated advertising implements one advertising technique aimed on the complete market, differentiated advertising, tailors advertising efforts for every market section chosen by the agency, while concentrated advertising, tailors advertising technique for one explicit section of the market. Each of the three focusing on methods has its benefits and downsides; these needs to be weighed up when deciding which one to undertake.

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