Lag/stutter every 5 sec while playing games using new external monitor

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Hello there, before I start to describe the issue i’m facing, i wish to thanks whoever that may have a clue of what’s going on for my case..


In my current situation, i just bought a new external monitor and i wish to use it for some 1080p gaming. sadly there is this lag/stutter whenever i use it for games. I did notice that the issue usually wont’ start immediately once i start a game but it will start to lag when the gpu load is high/ temperature is high. 


However, there is totally no issue at all when gaming using the laptop alone before this.


Things i have tried:
1) using different HDMI cables
2) updated all drivers
3) using nvidia profile inspector to change to multi display performance/single display
4) disabling AMD graphic driver under device manager and just use RTX 2060 to game
5) changing external monitor menu settings to game mode 

6) swapping to PC only or 2nd screen only to game

7) playing games in windowed mode

8) changing external monitor refresh rate to 75Hz / 60 Hz

9) Making the external monitor the main display


Appreciate if anyone can suggest what may be the underlying cause to this and whether if there is anything else i can try to fix this frustrating issue. Thank you.



Hope the specs below is helpful but do let me know if need any more details:


Laptop Spec:


CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 4800H with Radeon Graphics


Storage: 512GB SSD

GPU: Nvidia RTX 2060

Driver version:  526.98

Screen Resolution: 1080p

Refresh Rate: 120Hz


Monitor Model: Samsung 24 inch monitor LF24T35

Screen Resolution: 1080p

Refresh Rate: 75Hz (Set at 60)

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