Is Nvidia a good gaming GPU?

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So many questions to be answered before even considering which or what GPU to be considered in a gaming laptop.



How much are you going to spend? Cost is an important factor; 500 or 1,000 or 2,000 or 3,000 U.S. dollars?

Screen size of the laptop and resolution? (1080p, 1440p or 4K) 14″ or 17″ or 15″ or other? OLED or LED?

What games are you going to play? RTS or FPS or Racing or Role Playing or MMO or other?

Productivity work such as photo or film editing to be done on this laptop?

Portability or not (staying in on place more or less)?

Battery life? Important or not?

CPU to be used – Intel or AMD? How powerful is the CPU needed for the games?

Amount of RAM – depends on the games and work programs – to be included. 

Amount of storage – games can be quite large – 1TB or more drive or just the usual 512GB drive?

Brand loyalty – DELL, HP, Lenovo, etc?

And importantly – why buy a laptop and not a desktop?

And mobile GPU (as in laptops) are different from desktop GPU performance/prices so these can’t compared. The mobile GPU are in a different category.

Second… these are just a few of questions to be answered – actually there are more.


Nvidia vs  Intel (or even AMD) GPU debate is always a question. Need RayTracing and/or DLSS then it’s nVidia.  Need some RayTracing  and RSR/FSR, then it’s AMD (unless it’s a fast AMD then it will do Ray Tracing quite well). 

Intel just got to the GPU arena is now just catching up with software and drivers but still needs to mature in the GPU area.

And as mentioned – the graphics of the CPU maybe all you need instead of a dedicated GPU. Again depends on what you are gaming and so forth.

And there is no easy answer as to which one to buy (nVidia or Intel) – it’s a very involved question with no simple straight forward answer.

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