How to use interactive content data on marketing automation

When it comes to choice making, a digital world requires digital options. 

No surprise automation has grow to be important to any marketing technique because it permits firms to use data to obtain higher outcomes systematically.

However, filtering out related data stays a problem. The excellent news is that gathering data may be simpler with interactive content.

Infographics, ebooks, quizzes, and customised calculators are in all places — and they’re now trending as top-of-the-line practices for Content Marketing.

A examine carried out by Content Marketing Institute confirms that, in contrast to the earlier years, marketing campaigns used 63% extra photographs and infographics than another visible media.

If you’re questioning how one can extract data from interactive content and put it to work in your favor, you’re in the best place.

In this text, you’ll be taught:

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How to collect data from interactive content?

Marketing automation programs are sometimes residence to 1000’s of leads. In order to ship extra related nurture streams, good entrepreneurs break their universe into addressable segments.

Interactive content is a robust ally for that because it engages the viewers in its expertise. 

While folks get what they have been in search of, the content is accumulating beneficial data for you.

Think about an interactive calculator. For instance, this one calculates the ROI, which suggests folks can see the return they’ll have over the funding made:

Made with Ion

In lower than one minute, we enter the numbers and voilà — our ROI calculator provides us our potential outcomes.

How does it assist us? Whenever folks insert their data to use this interactive instrument, they supply you beneficial details about them. 

With a easy calculator, you’ll be able to map your clients’ profiles: what number of staff they’ve, their marketing funds, and so on.

Remember that your gross sales division wants a serving to hand to establish their greatest bets. 

The subsequent step is to create a database that segments data by class to inform one purchaser’s persona from one other.

More content varieties, extra data

Interactive content is obtainable in lots of types. Let’s check out among the most fascinating for a Digital Marketing technique:

  • surveys and polls;
  • webinars;
  • flowcharts, diagnostic exams, and troubleshooting instruments;
  • ebooks;
  • emails;
  • augmented actuality media;
  • cellular video games;
  • apps;
  • interactive 360º movies.

They all have their very own method of accumulating data, so you’ll be able to mix those you want so as to get extra particulars concerning the prospects. 

The digital journey could be a lengthy one — with many touchpoints from type submits, to e book consumption, to self-assessments, to answer constructing, funds calculating, and so on.

The major aim is to arrange the technique to separate the ‘best bets’ from the worst ones.


How to use them in marketing automation?

Getting the worst bets off your radar minimizes distractions and the consumption of your assets. 

Meaning, you want to section out your sick suits so that you just don’t waste money and time catering to them.

So first issues first: outline your technique and the infrastructure your groups may have in hand to handle that data. The platform should facilitate excessive constancy segmentation from express somewhat than inferred data.

Also, it has to talk with all of the interactive content you supply. There is not any automation in personally transferring data from one software program to one other.

Define your metrics

Monitoring outcomes is essential for the success of an automation technique. The level is, the problem goes past establishing a each day routine of constructing choices primarily based on data.

By adopting metrics, you improve your automation system with extra sensible functionalities, contemplating what wants to be improved.

Think about the way in which your CRM efficiency relies upon on dependable data. As quickly as you collect the knowledge collected by interactive content, you want to create a pipeline to ship it by means of the CRM.

It begins together with your objectives. Do you want extra certified leads to enhance your actions within the center of the funnel? Create some interactive content to the highest of the funnel and do the data segmentation.

Quizzes and character exams are good choices. Along with profile data, they acquire details about prospects’ pains or pursuits. 

At this level, you’ll be able to strengthen ties together with your greatest leads — however that doesn’t imply you’ll be able to’t discover even higher alternatives.

Create a scoring program

Scoring types the wheat from the chaff. Inferred scoring — primarily based on digital physique language of clicks, downloads, views, opens — is guesswork topic to sub-optimal accuracy and noise.

Explicit data, in flip, minimizes the guesswork and improves the accuracy and reliability of scoring packages. Then you’ll be able to work with focused content.

Based on the data you gathered, you establish the client persona and modify your marketing actions to be personalised. Instead of a single e-newsletter, for instance, entrepreneurs will ship particular messages to every group or individual.

What a few deeper expertise with an answer that enhances your technique and makes it simpler to handle?


How Ion will help with that?

Ion Interactive is a Rock Content’s answer to create interactive content with out the necessity for coding. In our software program, you’ll be able to create totally different codecs of content and analyze their efficiency. 

Here are 7 methods Ion leverages interactive content marketing data in marketing automation.

1. Segmentation

Assessments, report playing cards, and conversion paths are among the many interactive content marketing experiences that yield express segmentation data. 

Ion combines all that wealthy data from patrons’ solutions to strategically designed questions right into a single Ion mashup subject exported to the Marketing Automation Platform (MAP).

MAP permits you to scan the Ion mashup subject for extremely certified solutions after which add matching patrons to section lists.

2. Best bets for Sales

Ion is uniquely suited to present descriptive data that may be matched to floor greatest bets primarily based on express data from their interactive journey.

The quantity of excessive constancy data generated all through that journey is each superior and intimidating. Ion gives distinctive, express data for marketing automation sample matching.

It makes use of guidelines to search for combos of responses throughout touchpoints that point out ‘best bets’ for gross sales. 

For instance, a purchaser could reply that they’ve a funds in a single touchpoint, that they’ve ache in one other touchpoint, and that they’re the decision-maker in one other touchpoint.

By having an automation rule search for that sample within the data Ion pushes into the MAP’s mashup subject, we will floor prepared patrons to gross sales. 

Marketing additionally makes use of ‘best bets’ as their most senior section for judging efficiency — which means, if marketing efforts don’t carry out properly with ‘best bets’, then there’s a marketing downside to remedy.

three. Worst Bets for Sales and Marketing

By the identical token as ‘best bets’, sure combos of purchaser responses of their interactive journey point out that they’re probably to be a waste of time. 

For instance, they could point out that their business is exterior your goal, mixed with their firm measurement, making them an sick match.

Integration is essential right here since that data could come from totally different touchpoints throughout the journey. 

Marketing automation wants to search for detrimental response patterns within the Ion mashup data subject and segregate these matching leads in order that gross sales don’t waste assets.

four. Targeting

Relevance drives outcomes. When every subsequent touchpoint within the digital journey may be smarter and extra related, it accelerates income, and enterprise worth improves.

Some examples embody gender, business, and seniority. Write concentrating on data into the Ion purchaser profile and use that to make subsequent experiences dynamically extra related. 

Rules inside Ion make that dynamic relevance doable.

5. Personalization

Helping folks to really feel identified and understood could make them really feel extra comfy and keen to work together. Eliminating redundant private data assortment (and friction) is the important thing.

With Ion, you create a purchaser profile for every person and append that profile all through their journey. At some level, an nameless lead turns into identified after they interact in touchpoints that yield their private data. 

The keys listed here are to solely ask for data as soon as, to ask for just a few data factors at anyone time, and to ask for brand new and deeper data in subsequent visits. This is sort of a a lot smarter and smoother model of “progressive profiling”.

For instance, Ion dynamically adjustments fields proven in types primarily based on what’s already within the purchaser profile. Forms dynamically shrink, making follow-on conversions extra probably. Profile data can be handed into the MAP and leveraged in nurture packages.

6. Scoring

Buyer responses from their interactive journey are saved to their Ion profile and concurrently despatched to the MAP as a part of the Ion mashup subject. 

Then automation guidelines within the MAP increment or decrement of the express aspect of the lead rating.

This high-quality, extremely dependable express data offered by Ion allows scores to climb extra quickly and precisely, accelerating lead scoring packages and, finally, pipeline velocity.

7. Full Circle

So far, the primary six methods to use Ion data in marketing automation have targeted on leveraging Ion’s excessive constancy data on the MAP. Well, it really works the opposite method too, and the enterprise worth is gigantic.

Ion’s experiences can dynamically change primarily based on data handed in from marketing automation platforms.

The code-free guidelines that allow this will devour every thing we’ve mentioned above — segments, targets, personalization, scoring — and make the person expertise extra related, private, and efficient in real-time. 

This high-fidelity dynamic relevance is the wind beneath the wings, driving the acceleration of the journey and the pipeline.

As you’ll be able to see, interactive content is central to any marketing technique, particularly after we search automation. So take these insights to your organization and watch your marketing ROI develop considerably!

Do you need that automation stage in your organization? Then request an Ion Interactive Demo proper now! 

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