How To Conduct Video Interviews

Many people are hesitant about being interviewed because they’re scared that they’ll say the wrong thing. They look at interviews as a one-shot deal. They think they have to step up to the plate and say the right thing or risk looking like an idiot.

This is why I always take time before every interview to reassure people I’m interviewing of three important things. 

First, I assure them that I’m on their side, and that my goal as a producer is to make them look great and articulate what they want to say in the clearest and most truthful way. 

Secondly, I assure them that if they don’t like something they say they can go back and do it again. Once people get the idea that the interview isn’t “one-shot” they ease up a bit with the knowledge that they can fix any mess-ups.

Lastly, I assure them that the editing process is something close to magic. Through precision editing and and slicing and dicing only the best parts of the interview we’re able to clear up a lot of things that go wrong. 

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