How to add a voiceover in videos using text to speech technology

While text to speech technology has improved a lot and has some understanding of punctuation, you will note that the text will get learn because it’s been typed.

At instances this will likely outcome in barely accelerated speech that doesn’t have the pauses or pronunciations we think about.

Regardless of whether or not you create a voiceover using a text to speech instrument or a voice actor, you at all times have to present indications relating to pronunciation, pauses, and silences. You should do the identical with the text to speech instrument.

It’s a good thought to “exaggerate” some pauses in order for you to have a little silence between one sentence or one other, or if you want to generate suspense earlier than your model title is talked about.
You can do that simply by including paragraph breaks (enter)

Also, add paragraph breaks in between the fragments of the script that might be used for every scene.

Likewise, in case you use phrases that aren’t as frequent, similar to your organization title, it’s possible that the text to speech instrument gained’t know precisely how to pronounce them.

In these instances, you should utilize accent marks (even when it’s not the way you’d spell the phrase).
For instance, to ensure that the text to speech engine pronounces “Wideo” accurately, you would wish to put an accent on the “i” (Wídeo).

Luckily you’ll be able to enter texts, make adjustments, and preview how they sound earlier than exporting the ultimate mp3 audio file.

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