Episode 64: Why Fintech companies should use video

Fintech, aka Financial Technology, is completely transforming how the world borrows, buys and invests. It is forcing companies and consumers to embrace these digital platforms for most of their financial needs. And video plays an huge roll for Fintech. From overview (explainer) style videos, to product demos to FAQ videos.

On this episode, we explain how video is so critical to the success of a Fintech company, what type of videos work best for Fintech and best practices for creating these videos.

On this Episode
Section One – What is Fintech and why video is the right marketing solution
Section Two –  Going Granular – Suggested videos styles and best practices for making videos for Fintech

What You’ll Learn in this Episode

  • What is Fintech, examples of Fintech companies using video
  • What types videos should be used for Fintech companies
  • What styles of videos work best. Why  Animation is a good choice
  • How video can be used for educating consumers about Fintech products
  • Make information “bite sized’, Don’t overwhelm the viewer with too much. It’s money and it can be confusing and scary
  • Remember the audience – it’s not just ‘millennials’ – also older more experienced people
  • Speak to the financial educational level of the target audience.
  • Examples of Fintech companies

    Interesting Links and Resources

    Examples of Fintech Related Videos
    Autogravity – Example of Overview/Branding Fintech Video

    Clarity Money – Example of Animated Explainer Fintech Video

    Clarity Money – Example of Video for Fintech App

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