Episode 63: Anatomy of a Personalized Video

Personalized Videos are one of the most promising developments in the realm of video marketing. Imagine increasing conversions by 1000 % and getting close to 100% engagement.  On this episode the video marketing experts Joel Goobich and Brendan Carty are joined by Yann Lhomme, CEO of Thinkmojo, for an in depth anatomy of making a successful personalized video.

On this Episode
Section One – What makes a personalized video so powerful
Section Two –  Going Granular – Best practices to making a successful personalized video

What You’ll Learn in this Episode

  • Why do personalized videos get better conversions
  • What type of personalized data you should use
  • How soon to introduce a Personalized element
  • Is script writing different for a personalized or a simple explainer video
  • Where to use a personalized video and when
  • Why a more Call to Action works

Interesting Links and Resources

Personalized Video Examples (Winner of the 2016 Viewtopia Award for Best Personalized Video)

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Get a personalized video made for you company – contact Thinkmojo

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