Episode 62: Movie Trailers are great marketing videos

Do movie trailers adhere to the same basic rules of other marketing videos? On this episode the video marketing experts Joel Goobich and Brendan Carty are joined by Amy Caffee from Thinkmojo, for a free flowing discussion on how movie trailers fit into the world of video marketing. We talk movies, movie trailers and what makes a good movie trailer.

On this Episode
Section One – Why movie trailers are effective.
Section Two –  Going Granular – Looking at Movie Trailers through the lens of Video Marketing

What You’ll Learn in this Episode

  • What makes movie trailers effective
  • How movie trailers are being used to drive differently than previously
  • What makes a good movie trailer
  • Do movie trailers follow the same rules as other marketing videos

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Some of our Favorite Trailers

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