Diplo opens up about his sexuality, says he’s a ‘vibe guy’

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Diplo is talking about his love life.

In a conversation with model and actress Emily Ratajkowski for her “High Low” podcast, the DJ described himself as “more of a vibe guy” than focused on a partner’s gender.

“I don’t want to define that I’m gay, but I think the best answer I have is I’m not not gay,” he said.

The topic of his sexuality came up after Diplo said his TikTok For You Page often features posts of men chopping wood.

“Wood chopping guy is kinda sexy,” Diplo said. “I dont know if that’s the thing that’s gonna send me over to the gay side completely, but they’re pretty hot.”

“There’s a couple guys that I’d be like, ‘I could date this guy… life partner-wise,’” Diplo added. “I’m not really aroused by men that much, that I know about.”

In the past, Diplo has been linked to Katy Perry and model Chantel Jeffries.

He has previously addressed sexual fluidity. During a 2014 Reddit AMA chat, the producer responded “everyone’s a lil gay ” to a question about his sexuality.

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