Dell XPS 8940 struggling with FPS

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Enabled ReBAR in BIOS?

Display resolution and specs such as Refresh and Response rate?

Changed cables – maybe “slow” cables compared to the latest and using HDMI or DPI?

Checked the nVidia panel for the best settings?

Ran MSI AfterBurner to check GPU performance and maybe tweak it? 

Checked with GPU-Z and CPU-Z for some details?

Other activities at the same time when playing such as streaming or recording or web browsing?


Thanks for your reply!


– I have enable ReBAR in BIOS but it hasn’t made a noticeable improvement.

– My display monitor is an Alienware AW2521HF with 240HZ and 1ms response rate

– The cables I use are DPI and are only a year old so I can’t imagine they are the issue 

– I adjusted the control panel settings for maximum gaming performance and if anything I noticed a slight drop in performance and my fans seem like they’re running a little louder, these are the tips I followed:

– I have just installed MSI Afterburner but am a bit lost as to what I should be doing on it. How do I check my GPU performance on it? Is it safe to use with my setup?

– I’m not sure how to find details on GPU-Z and CPU-Z

– I make sure not to run other activities in the background


To answer your other questions:

– Driver and BIOS are both up to date, I don’t think I’m able to return the PC as its past its warranty however I am in contact with Dell support at the moment and am going to schedule a meeting with a software expert; after running some diagnostics, my hardware all seems fine.


– I have run a memory diagnostic test and no errors were detected


A couple more things to add:

– My fans have been running really loud when playing mw2 and in some instances with other applications but my temperatures seem fine (No apparent issue with fans through diagnostic checks

– I get about 40-60ms ping so I don’t have ultimate internet, could this be affecting my fps in game?


Thanks so much for your help and I look forward to hearing from you.

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