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Yesterday I did obtain a mail indicating that it’s from City of London Police and stated that I had dashing violation in a 20 mph-zone which they’d photographic proof that my velocity was 30 miles in hour. In the letter stated that I need to pay £100 and surrendering my driving licence to the police and it was an handle that I needed to put up my licence and signal the letter and put it in the identical envelop and put up it, which I did however as quickly I put the letter within the mail field I realised that I didn’t have any crime reference quantity or police reference for the matter as all the small print was on the letter and I had simply posted the letter with my driving handle to someplace with no reference. I change into suspicion that perhaps the letter was not from the police and it was only a fraud and known as the police on 101 non-emergency quantity and the operator was not a lot useful as she informed me that it isn’t what the police usually do and this doesn’t appear like to be from the police. So, I used to be panicking, and I believed that should be some identification fraud and begin of pondering of the more severe case and needed to someway cease this from occurring. I walked again to the mailbox and needed to discover a method to cease the put up. It was a cellphone quantity on the mailbox which I attempted to name however as I used to be panicking I dialled unsuitable quantity as I didn’t have my glasses on, I requested two passing by individual for assist to dial the quantity for me nonetheless I get throw however sadly because the time was move 17.30 the workplace was closed and the machine stated that I’ve to name in the course of the workplace time. I used to be even pondering of how I can break within the mailbox to cease the letter however I didn’t and as a substitute I made a decision to go to the pub within the nook with a purpose to calm down and thought that I might even see somebody I do know who may also help me. I meet a man who I had meet earlier within the Pub and had chatted few occasions earlier than. I informed him the story whereas he was fixing his bicycle and he advised to contact the police for fraud report. As I used to be looking for police quantity for fraud in Google it was very irritating that when you’re looking you get first to promoting on Google and it was after I thought that this promoting on-line has been an excessive amount of and it’s extra irritating then useful and informative. Anyway, I made a decision to return house and attempt to name the police from there. It was not straightforward to search out the correct division and as the primary operator was not a lot to assist. Finally, I managed to get the numbers however because it was outdoors the workplace hours, so I needed to wait till morning. However, within the morning after disturbing night and sleepless night time I known as them, and they discover out that the letter was from the police and the handle that I had posted was their handle. It was the primary time that I used to be joyful to search out out that police have taken my licence and it has not been a fraud or a thief of identification.

Anyway, I do know that my dashing violation could be very dangerous and huge mistake and I admit that I’ve executed unsuitable and settle for the punishment however I’m usually very cautious driver and I’ve been driving in 34 years with out a lot errors and no main accident nonetheless I believe the best way police had handled this case may actually enhance, it needs to be simpler to speak with a police and not ready very long time behind cellphone to get to police even in non-emergency circumstances, and police who reply the cellphone ought to have executed a lot better coaching and capability to entry data and assist with a purpose to remedy the issues. I believe as a citizen I’ve the correct to know my case quantity and obtain a cost receipt after I pay. Anyway, I’m going to contact the police once more on Monday to search out out that they’ve acquired my licence and my cost and if they will ship me a cost receipt. We are in digital age no less than the net system police use ought to provide you with a cost receipt and a reference quantity by electronic mail. Very disappointing to see the police system can’t deal with electronic mail conformation.

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