Babak Emamian discusses the Iran Nuclear Deal with TRT World –

1) Aircraft service Abraham Lincoln in Persian Gulf giving US free hand to assault Iran with out requiring consent from different Gulf states in any other case Strait of Hormoz might be simply shielded from US army bases in Bahrain, Qatar, Dubai Abu Dhabi and so on.
2) IRGC the Islamic Revolutionary Guard planning a army assault by means of its associates inflicting a humiliation to Trump much like President Jimmy Cater 1979 US hostages altering 1980 US election and now 2020…Regardless how weird that is IRGC technique…
three) Iran has remained in JCPOA even after US withdrawing to keep away from a US War by means of in search of assist from Europeans…
four) Iran withdrawing from JCPOA just for home consumption not severe..
5) Iranian Government needs to barter however US not until all calls for accepted…

Babak Emamian: Founder of British-Iranian Business Association, BIBA

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