5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Video Marketing

Video is the new king of Facebook content. Ever since the company rolled out the feature in 2013, Facebook video has been on a relentless quest to take over the news feed.

Consider this:

Everybody loves video. We love watching it, and marketers love making us watch it. And as marketers, we would do well to have a strong grasp of best practices to help us make the most out of 2017’s hottest marketing property.

Here are 5 things that you can implement right now that will improve your Facebook Video game.

1. Use Facebook’s Native Player

This one should probably go without saying by now, but I still see Pages embedding YouTube or Vimeo videos, and it makes me want to cry. It’s like telling the world you don’t want them to see your video. Using a YouTube embed cripples your video efforts in three ways:

  • It cuts your thumbnail space in half. See below for how unattractive this is.
  • You’ll get less engagement by design since Facebook algorithmically favors their own player.
  • YouTube videos do not auto-play on Facebook, leaving you at a disadvantage in competition with other native Facebook videos in the news feed.

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