5 Fundamentals That Will Elevate Your Video Content

It’s straightforward to overlook the potential that movie has to supply. Sometimes making a video might be seen as a useful course of. Plan. Point. Shoot. If you merely comply with the manufacturing course of, you’ll have a video that in all probability does the job. But filmmaking is an artwork kind. And inside every step of manufacturing lies the potential to raise, and make extra impactful content material.

We’ve lately made a movie referred to as The Watcher for example how spending time on the filmmaking fundamentals can actually assist elevate and remodel the standard of your video content material. Because ultimately, your movie’s high quality is a direct reflection of your model and your message. In the movie we break down the filming craft into 5 fundamentals. Here they’re in a bit extra element.


A basic a part of any video. So many movies use lighting for not more than its useful function. But with a little bit of creativeness lighting can accomplish that far more.

Bring a thought of strategy to lighting and you may add cinematic high quality to your visuals and make a press release. Lighting can say greater than phrases can, evoking feeling or tone, a time or place. It can emphasise, draw the attention, take an unusual scene and inject it with intrigue, magnificence, suspense, drama, levity…

In the Watcher, we reveal the completely different appears you possibly can obtain throughout the similar shot. First, low-key, dramatic lighting with onerous shadows forged by a venetian blind to recreate the traditional black and white movie noir detective look. Second, a pulpy neon thriller with tangy shades of pink and blue. Wildly completely different types of lighting that evoke a unique temper, tone and setting.

Lighting will also be used extra creatively. In an early scene, we simulate the impact of a passing subway prepare by having mild journey by the body. Silhouettes and shadow add to the suspense and intrigue of the tunnel scenes. By simulating flickering lights we create dramatic construct up earlier than a struggle breaks out within the movie’s climax.

Colour Grade

If a prize needed to be awarded for probably the most uncared for space of video manufacturing. Colour grading would possibly simply be the winner.

Colour grading offers you entry to the attributes of a picture resembling distinction, color, saturation, element, black and white ranges. With consideration, it may give your movie a layer of cinematic polish, enhancing the general look and magnificence.

More concerned color grading offers you entry to superior correction and masking instruments that provide you with exact management of the place the viewer’s eye needs to be drawn.

In the Watcher, the lighting was designed with the color grade in thoughts. From the longer term neon scene to the traditional black and white detective noir look, we used the color grade to amplify the movie’s distinctive model.


If color grading wins most uncared for. Sound takes second place.

So a lot consideration is paid to what we see in video, sound is commonly an afterthought. And with a lot video being consumed with out audio, a heavy reliance on subtitles signifies that sound is commonly a low precedence.

The position of sound is as broad because the visuals. Sound provides influence to the motion onscreen, it might used to evoke a setting, a sense, add rigidity, humour, suspense and extra. It’s a deeply artistic course of that may form the viewing expertise.

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And sound doesn’t want to easily add to what’s occurring onscreen. It can add further dimensions and concepts that visuals alone can’t seize.

Sound has a continuing presence in The Watcher. The passing subway trains exist solely by the sound. The ambiance of the tunnel scenes are dropped at life with the noise of squeaking rats, echoey footsteps and voices at midnight. The sounds of police sirens, exterior avenue atmosphere and bar chatter create a way of a world that lives past the perimeters of the body.


Unlike sound and color grade, music is commonly overused in video manufacturing. An straightforward shortcut so as to add to the specified tone. Music might be handled as an afterthought and really feel like background noise.

Music libraries are a fantastic device. With entry to tens of 1000’s of tracks from each style, the selection of music has by no means been higher.

But taking advantage of music requires extra then simply choosing the ‘right’ observe to help your movie. Bringing a extra thought of strategy to music is a option to elevate manufacturing.

Rather than choosing music in direction of the tip of the edit, selecting the observe early in manufacturing will impact the best way you shoot and edit. Unifying the model of manufacturing and make the chosen music really feel like an intrinsic a part of the video.

Paying consideration early on to the position music has to play in your movie will enable for the music to be extra expressive. It doesn’t simply should be a background observe. Given the house, music can say greater than phrases can.

Music was all the time a key a part of The Watcher. Immediately the music wanted to set the scene and set up the movie noir setting. From there, the music strikes with the rhythm of the movie, a number of builds deliver anticipation and rigidity to the movies huge set piece moments. Fading into the background to provide house to the dialogue, then taking centre stage, including weight to huge moments of cinematic motion.

Art Department

Art Department refers back to the props and costume used within the movie. The alternative of objects that seem in your movie helps to the world you create really feel plausible and lived in.

Art Department has an fascinating partnership with color grading. Establish a color pallet early on with accent colors that flatter and draw the attention to the correct locations, and color grading can amplify eye catching visuals.

Art division performed a key position in bringing the world of The Watcher to life. After all, the place would our titular detective be with out the traditional trench coat, slacks and trilby.

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