10 Colour Palettes to Give Your Video a Filmic Look

Colour influences us on a regular basis, usually with out us even realising. Using it with objective in filmmaking might be a massively efficient storytelling device; via lighting, artwork course, wardrobe and color grading.

This weblog article goes to take you thru some key color combos and hopefully provide you with a higher understanding of how we plan to create color palettes that won’t solely look nice on display screen, but additionally assist to inform your story.

The Colour Wheel

Firstly, earlier than we dive into the world of color palettes we should always introduce you to a helpful device utilized by colourists, artists and designers in every single place; our trusted pal… the color wheel.

The color wheel is often used for color principle and in brief it’s a visible illustration of colors organized in accordance to their relationship with one another. By following the color palette guidelines beneath you’ll be able to create superbly balanced color schemes that enrich your story.

Tip – the color wheel not solely relates to color grading, however design too. Next time you’re adorning your home why not revisit this helpful weblog article.

Black & White Palettes

A black & white palette doesn’t want a lot rationalization. It’s a basic look. Being selective about when and the place you introduce color nevertheless, might be a very helpful addition to storytelling.

Black & White

We ought to begin with the basic black and white palette, a full desaturated picture. A fantastic use of the black and white palette could be within the Wizard of Oz. The black and white world represents Dorothy’s actual life, however when she enters her dream world she is surrounded by shiny saturated colors.

Selected Saturation

A black and white palette, apart from one focal object that’s saturated in a single color. This is a very stylised look and is an excessive and environment friendly method of telling the viewers precisely the place they need to be wanting. A fantastic instance of this color palette is Sin City.


Similar to the selective saturation palette, decide a spot on the color wheel and stick to it, besides right here each a part of the scene is saturated with that color. You could differ in tone and ranges, however there’s a clear dominant color. A fantastic instance of this could be in Hero.

Colour Harmony Palettes

Colour concord palettes are created by selecting sure colors on the color wheel primarily based on their relation to one another. Then enhancing these colors and eradicating the remaining colors via artwork course and color grading.


Probably the preferred alternative of palette, you are taking one color on the wheel, pair it with the other and you’ve got a very filmic scheme. The hottest instance of this could be the ‘teal and orange’ look. While in all probability overused, it’s in style as a result of it finest emphasises human pores and skin tones.

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Split Complimentary

Very comparable to a complimentary color palette, however as a substitute of utilizing the direct reverse color it makes use of the 2 colors adjoining to the other. Creating a softer strategy with the identical distinction. In the Coen Brother’s movie Burn After Reading they use a mixture of pink, inexperienced and teal.


Three colors evenly spaced across the color wheel (e.g, pink, blue, and yellow). Triadic is likely one of the least widespread color palettes together with it’s brother tetradic (four colors), as a result of it might look stereotypically ‘colourful’ as if no ‘look’ has been utilized, however when used correctly and with thought-about artwork course it might look very interesting.


Analogous colors sit subsequent to one another on the color wheel. They match nicely collectively and create a properly balanced picture. One color will usually be the dominant color whereas the others will probably be used to enrich the scene. An analogous palette could be very comparable to a monochrome palette, however the addition of comparable colors presents extra nuances.

Lightness & Saturation Palettes

Selecting colors isn’t the one method to create a palette; it’s also possible to create a color palette by utilizing sure ranges of lightness and saturation. This could be very usually utilized in movies to emphasise the story.


Multiple color right here, however all very saturated and neon. A fantastic instance of a neon color scheme is in Only God Forgives. None of the colors are delicate, they’re harsh and violent, very like the plot of the film.


The reverse of the neon palette, a washed out, milky, pure look, we now have the pastel palette. Soft, light, forgiving colors, by no means neon and infrequently main. Wes Anderson masters this in The Grand Budapest Hotel.


Hovering simply above black and white we now have the muted palette. It’s de-saturated, a little bit bleak, however a implausible palette for the fitting movie. Roy Andersson masters this look in a few of his movies, however in A Pigeon Sat On A Branch Reflecting On Existence he takes it to a new degree. His units are lit with no shadows and as little distinction as attainable so as to create this ‘bland’ world.

Once we all know how to steadiness a picture appropriately via color palettes we are able to begin to be selective concerning the sure colors we select, primarily based on the psychology of color principle. Ever thought of why when somebody is jealous we describe them as “green with envy” or when somebody is indignant we describe them as “seeing red”. By tapping into the emotion of color we are able to affect the best way viewers really feel when watching our video and in flip assist talk the message we are attempting to painting.

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